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Led by the founders and executive team at RockPile Energy Services, one of the most successful completions startups in the shale era. Our team of seasoned energy sector leaders deliver clients decades of experience, innovation and leadership to a dynamic marketplace. Arm your organization with exceptional logistics solutions from Lobo Logistics.


11 years of experience

Marcus Dacar

Founder, Co-President, & Chief Operating Officer

  • Marcus serves as Founder, Co-President, and Chief Operating Officer of Lobo where he leads all logistics and field operations.

  • Prior to Lobo, Marcus held numerous roles of increasing responsibility at RockPile Energy Services in the Williston Basin before leading the launch for RockPile's completion business in the Powder River basin. 

  • Marcus began his career in hydraulic fracturing at Schlumberger.


7 years of experience

Rick Pattillo

Founder, Co-President, & Chief Commercial Officer

  • Rick leads Lobo’s sales and marketing efforts and is responsible for all aspects of client relations, from sourcing of proppant to performance measurement.

  • Previously a Halliburton District Sales Manager for the DJ Basin, Rick has experience across multiple product lines including frac, cement, and completion tools.

  • He is a graduate of Halliburton’s two-year business development program focusing on operations, engineering, and sales.

  • Rick is a 2016 graduate of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s Energy Generation Leadership Program (EnGen) and earned a B.S. from the University of Colorado.


3 years of experience

Austin Hostetler

Founder, Director of Finance

  • Austin leads Lobo’s finance efforts with responsibilities including reporting, contracting, vendor management, and risk management. At founding, Austin helped to launch Lobo’s field operations.

  • Prior to Lobo, Austin was a Manager of Retail Natural Gas, Distributed Generation, and Energy Storage at Emporia Energy.

  • Previous experience includes working in the field of the western Anadarko region as a production engineer.

  • Austin earned a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa where he was a member of their D1 Track and Field team.

autsin butler lobo.png

9 years of experience

Austin Butler

Vice President of Logistics 

  • Austin leads Lobo’s logistics efforts with responsibilities for the Company’s software, systems, and optimization strategies. 

  • Prior to Lobo, Austin served as Logistics Optimization Manager at Pronghorn Logistics, a national provider of frac sand logistics services in the US. As a member of the founding team at Pronghorn, he held various roles including National Transportation Manager and Field Logistics Coordinator, and was responsible for trailer design, dispatching operations, and carrier management.

  • Austin began his career as a Field Engineer at Rockpile Energy Services and attended Colorado State University.

Josh Wyric Lobo.png

12 years of experience

Josh Wyrick

Vice President Field Operations 

  • At Lobo, Josh is focused on field operation procedures, documenting processes while developing checklists to help automate tasks.

  • Josh has 12 years of experience in workover, drilling, and hydraulic fracturing.

  • Prior to joining Lobo, he was a technical sales and engineering manager at REV Energy, a hydraulic frac company based in Denver, CO.

  • Josh holds a B.S. in Manufacture Engineering from the University of North Dakota.

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