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Next Generation Procurement &

Logistics Solutions for Proppant and Chemicals

The Lobo Approach


The approach is simple. Lobo Logistics offers 3rd party procurement and logistics from the mine to the blender. Lobo’s team is led by executives and operational leaders from some of the most successful completions technology companies in the shale era.


Lobo Logistics utilizes its Haul-MAX strategy to haul up to 60% more per load maximizing payloads, minimizing quantity of loads, improving safety, and lowering emissions. Lobo offers bottom-drop, box system, and pneumatic solutions.

With extensive experience with all major box solutions and most major silo-based solutions Lobo Logistics is proud to work with the leaders in the last mile storage solutions space. Lobo Logistics is completely agnostic and can offer any system procured by our team or direct sourced by our clients. Complete analysis of last mile and storage solutions allow clients to make decisions based on their specific requirement.

As the leader in wellsite management our experienced team has ran every wellsite storage solution available. Our wellsite personal have extensive backgrounds in the mission critical fields.

  • Utilize experienced local hands, with industry leading screening and onboarding process, who possess deep completions experience.

  • Ensure safe and efficient on-site equipment operation and into the blender service levels including management of inventory.


The Lobo Team

Lobo Logistics is focused on next-generation proppant and chemical logistics solutions that improve client economics through fewer loads, less downtime, and optimized sourcing.  Lobo Logistics enables clients to source and pay direct from the mine prices with complete transparency while our integrated services streamline your procurement, logistical, and wellsite management needs

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