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Your goals are where we start. We design a unique solution to address your challenges and streamline your operations. Because we are system and trailer agnostic, we can tailor our approach to each client drawing on our knowledge and experience to identify the proper solution to your unique program.

Our Process

Three steps to get started


We meet with our prospective customers to learn about their business. Every well site has unique requirements and we do the work to fully understand your logistics, management, and support needs.


After we gather all the essential details, our team designs a plan that includes clear pricing and the specific support functions you will receive. After your review and feedback, you provide us with the approval.


We get you up and running immediately. Our team will visit your well site and integrate your existing technology into our platform. After this initial onboarding, your deliveries will begin.


LOBO is a turnkey, last-mile logistics provider specializing in proppant transportation, offering best-in-class service quality to customers. Our extensive carrier network spans the United States, built on trusted partnerships. As a leading provider of 4th party procurement and logistics solutions, we serve operators and service companies alike, acting as trusted advisors with a contracted, partnership-based approach.

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LOBO collaborates with clients to identify and implement the ideal well site storage system tailored to their specific requirements. With our extensive industry experience and expertise across major systems, we possess deep knowledge and operational insight in managing the well site. By working closely with customers, we ensure the selection of the right storage system for their program. Our partnership brings numerous benefits, including an extensive product offering, operational expertise, high service quality, as well as on-site troubleshooting and support.

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LOBO offers round-the-clock, real-time dispatch services, utilizing advanced dispatching software and geolocating devices to track each load. With our team of bilingual dispatchers, we maintain constant communication with our drivers resulting in a safe and efficient delivery of proppant to the designated location within the specified timeframe. Our dispatch services provide a range of benefits, including state-of-the-art technology for efficient operations, as well as detailed tracking of purchase orders.

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Wellsite Management

LOBO stands out by offering top-tier wellsite operators and sand coordinators who excel in orchestrating the movement of proppant. Our team is carefully selected, with a focus on individuals who possess previous experience in frac and sand logistics, ensuring we have the most competent and experienced operators on the wellsite. Furthermore, our employees undergo comprehensive training on leading wellsite storage systems, which minimizes downtime and reduces the need for additional resources, ultimately optimizing operational efficiency.

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For the first time, bottom drop trailers, that maximize payload, can deliver proppant to a frac location that is using containerized sand storage.

The WereWolf System is a culmination of years of experience at the forefront of bottom-drop systems and logistics. The WereWolf Team set out to create a system that addresses the major gaps between bottom-drop logistics and containerized sand storage. The WereWolf System creates a unique world, allowing for the most efficient style of logistics to couple with the reliability, flexibility, and simplicity of containerized sand storage.

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Werewolf logo of the wolf and the moon
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